Female Quazis allowed in Islam, but not under MMDA

irony here is that while men who are incapable and have no training in the law are able to be a Quazi judge, women who are learned in the law and are capable are barred. 

Interview with an LGBTIQ Activist

Recently I had to intervene in a matter where a gay man, working in a major establishment in Colombo, was taken inside the security room of that establishment by the senior management and forced to confess his sexuality and give details of his private, sexual practices. He was subject to humiliating and derogatory treatment and his entire ordeal was recorded on video. He fortunately reached out to me and together with our pro bono lawyers at iProbono, we were able to redress his situation, seek a just solution and ensure that similar incidences are never repeated in that establishment again.


Refugee Crisis in Sri Lanka

Refugees plead to expedite their cases and resettle them in third countries

Inter-country adoption racket: SL adoptees to sue Dutch Govt.

Sri Lankan adoptees in the Netherlands are to hold the Dutch government liable for knowing about the adoption racket during the latter part of the 20th century but not taking action against it at that time. Sanne Cohen, a Sri Lankan adoptee, who is to petition the Dutch Court, told Daily Mirror that her lawsuit … Continue reading Inter-country adoption racket: SL adoptees to sue Dutch Govt.

Attacks on Female Candidates: Landmark Achievement Turns Sour

Over the past weeks female candidates contesting at the Local Governent elections have been subjected to attacks ranging from verbal abuse, psychological abuse to physical violence.

Mandela’s Comrade Recalls Life On The Bench

Dikgang Moseneke, the former Deputy Chief Justice of South Africa speaks about his life as a political prisoner in his youth, and his journey as an unswerving judge

Interview with Shreen Saroor, winner of Franco-German Prize for Human Rights and the Rule of Law

Human Rights Activist Shreen Abdul Saroor is one of the fifteen activists who has been awarded the Franco-German Prize for Human Rights and the Rule of Law this year. The prize is awarded to dedicated Human Rights defenders from around the world who have done outstanding work in their respective countries to uphold human rights and the rule of law.

Interview with Gethsie Shanmugam,winner of the Ramon Magsaysay Award

Sri Lankan psychosocial counsellor Gnanatheepam (Gethsie) Shanmugam talks about winning the Ramon Magsaysay Award and her reconciliation work in the war-torn areas

Sri Lanka’s Baby Farms: Inter-country Adoption Racket Exposed

It is claimed that around 11 000 babies had been sold during this period. Children had been stolen from the arms of their biological mothers. One woman, who requested anonymity, said that her child was stolen at the Ratnapura Hospital. “This was during the JVP insurrection. The hospital didn’t give me my child. There was … Continue reading Sri Lanka’s Baby Farms: Inter-country Adoption Racket Exposed

Zika virus: How bad can it get? 

The mounting number of cases in areas previously unaffected and the fact that there is still so much of research needed in relation to consequences and treatment are serious concerns.